Pelvic Organ Prolapse Management Program

Physiotherapy Prolapse Management Program – 3-6 sessions over 6 Months

We know that the body is incredibly adaptable and pelvic health physiotherapy has been shown to be effective in various studies looking at conservative (non surgical)  management of prolapse.

With conservative management we aim to – identify anatomical and functional deficiencies and then to optimise long term outcomes and facilitate prevention of progression by: –

  • Restoring the forces from structures that usually support the pelvic organ,
  • Re-balancing the system
  • Elimination of
    • faulty motor patterns
    • faulty breath patterns
    • activities and postures that exacerbate pelvic organ prolapse.

Urinary and bowel function are also addressed to optimise how these systems interrelate for best results.


A thorough assessment is performed to check what is prolapsing and how much, what the contributing factors are, how safe it is for you to do the exercise program of your choice and how strong your support structures are.

From this a treatment plan is developed just for you based on your  individual start point.


Treatment is aimed at improving support via the pelvic floor as well as introducing many lifestyle tools and interventions to prevent further deterioration. These include:

  • Education
  • Bowel health management
  • Bladder health management
  • Pelvic floor strengthening and coordination with the diaphragm and core
  • Effective pressure management
  • Bending and lifting tuition
  • Cough and sneeze training
  • Exercise safety
  • Addressing any sexual function and intimacy concerns
  • Symptom management 

Research suggests  – supervised education and pelvic floor muscle training

spread over 4-6 sessions and 4-6 months can reduce symptoms and stage of prolapse.


With 45% significantly more likely to have an improved prolapse stage

and 63% significantly more likely to say their prolapse was better.


Call now to book and start your journey to increased comfort, optimal function and preventing your prolapse from becoming more bothersome – I look forward to working with you. 

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